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Name: Malcolm a.k.a Comet

The Paychecks To Profits course has rejuvinated my passion for creating music. Since I started listening to this course, I have more drive than ever towards financial success.

You share a clear view that when your thought process is driven in a certain way, you are able to achieve what you desire.

I am motivated and acting on ideas that are bringing more people into my life for music. This is very inspiring.  Thank You..
Malcolm a.k.a Comet
Name: G3K Beats

Paychecks to profits is the complete understanding on how
to sell beats...and more. It helped answer the bigger
questions that come up like why do I want to sell beats?

Also, he literally tells you what to do...all you got to do
is do it...and when you do'll get the profits...simple as that. There's no special software here...your not gonna learn how to spam people and chase after customers...just straight up truth on how to sell beats. No BS. Thanks Postman.

- G3k Beats

Name: Phelps

I just wasnt to honestly say that Paychecks To Profit is a groundbreaking informational course. This course changed the way I look at my life as

well as the economy.  I'm not saying this as someone trying to convince you to buy something. I'm just speaking the truth. I feel everybody needs this course to really get
more of an understanding between the Paycheck Paradigm and the Profit Paradigm.

I would recommend this course to any and everybody that wants to understand why some people succeed at great levels, and some people suffer through life.honestly, I bought every course Postman has put out on LiveOffBeats to date but Paychecks To Profits changed my life literally. Worth every penny Post.

I would have paid $400 for it easy. real talk. IF YOU ARE A PRODUCER, YOU NEED THIS COURSE!!!

- Phelps


Name: L.Q.Beatz

Whats good Postman. Very impressed with that Paychecks to Profits course! I own most of the liveoffbeats courses and I gotta admit that this is the most important for a producer who wants to really make a living off his music.

This is THE FOUNDATION to your sucess. I advice everybody who's passionate and motivated to accomplish his dreams to cop this course immediately. 

You'll get tons of game in a different areas of life such as relationships, selling and economics. It got me inspired!! Much love man

- L.Q. Beatz

Name: Drops One

"PayChecks to Profits its the real thing! This course helped me get the proper mindset i needed in order to run a successful business online. I owe a lot of my beat selling success to Postman. Thank you brotha!".

- Drops One
Name: Kevin barnes

Paychecks to profits is hands down the best audio course to date I have purchased. The information postman gives out here is easy to understand, and has affected my whole mindset positively.

I now have multiple streams of income in music because of this course. I hope there is a part 2 coming, because Im copping it. Postman will help you live off your beats for real.

- Kev
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