How To Get Paid Everyday
As A Music Producer (With Proof)

Here Are Screenshots of My Money Accounts Over The Years

This first screenshot is from 2007.  These are paypal notification of payments... 

2008 when things really started to take off for me... #PaidEveryday

I applied the same principles of getting paid everyday to a Tshirt Company I owned, and I started to make even more money.  I know you want to sell beats,  but this just proves it works no matter what you are selling. #PaidEveryday

Anybody can get lucky... What about the next year?  Here is a screenshot of SINGLE DAY SALES the very next year....  Getting even more money.  #PaidEveryday

Those are all Older accounts.  Are you still getting money TODAY?  Here is a screenshot of Single Day sales in the same month all over $2,000... Just to show you the only thing that has changed is how much I make in a Day.  A "Good day" use to be $500, now a good day is $2,000+.  #PaidEveryday

*Disclaimer* - I can't promise that you will make this type of money.  What I CAN promise is that I will show you EXACTLY how I did it.  As you know most people don't DO anything with the information they learn, so most of them don't make any money.  You can make ALOT more than me, or ALOT less than me.  That all depends on YOU.  I can lead a horse to water but I can't make him drink.

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