Powerful Interview With Busy Work Beats

Postman does an incredible interview with Busy Works Beats giving real game on how to be successful as a music producer. This is a MUST WATCH if you are ready to go to the next level in your music production career. Video inside post (more…)

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Episode #1 – 7 Deadly Mistakes Producers Make Selling Beats Online

If you are making just 1 of these 7 mistakes it can mean total disaster when selling beats online. You definitely won’t sell many beats, but even worse you may actually be LOSING money.

Stop what you are doing right now and learn the 7 deadly mistakes producers make when selling beats online. VIDEO INSIDE POST (more…)

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What is Leasing Vs Exclusive Rights

Producers have been making good money leasing beats online and also selling exclusive rights at premium prices.  Is this a mistake?

What does it mean to lease your beats to an artist?  Do you still keep the copyright?  What does it mean to give exclusive rights to an artist?

Watch the video the find the answers to these questions and also which one is right for you. (Video inside post) (more…)

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Secret To Getting Beat Sells Everyday

Are you tired of getting beat sales “here and there”.  Would you like consistent and predictable beat sales in your music production business?

This video created by Master Trainer Postman will show you how to get beat sales EVERYDAY instead of “hope and pray”.

This is one of those videos that will prove to be a game CHANGER for you if you apply these simple steps.  (Video inside post) (more…)

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